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References to Pathfinders Program Guide 2006

Plan a field trip to Fort William any time of year! It's a great way to explore and have fun. Choose from our programs below or call us to customize a Pathfinder program to meet emblem requirements. Go canoeing, learn about knots, enjoy a campfire and explore the wonderful world of weather! These are just some of the activities you can choose for Pathfinders.

Fur Trade Natural History

1.5 hrs.  $6.00

Join us for a hike through our local woodland and learn about the life within it.  Acquire new knowledge of edible, medicinal, and harmful plants.  Study and identify a number of trees and shrubs and learn how humans affect our resources.  Later enjoy a steaming hot cup of Labrador tea and sample pure maple sugar.

  • Let's take it outside - Up Close and Personal with Nature #4, #5, #6

Creative Craft

2.5 hrs.  $6.00 + materials

Discover your heritage through learning a traditional game and trying your hand at the age-old craft of basket weaving, beadwork or leather work.

  • Music Music, My Movies, and More! - The Arts from A to Z  #6

Pieces of the Past: Archaeology 

1.5 hrs, $6.00

Prepare to get your hands dirty and join us in a simulated archaeological dig. Using the tools and methods of an archaeologist, participants will excavate artifacts and record data, then put their brains to work interpreting the material evidence that they have uncovered.

  • Creating Your Future - Your Dream Career


Animal Detectives

1.5 hrs, $6.00

Become animal detectives! Examine up close the tracks, skulls and fur of different animals in our forest and use these clues to discover interesting facts about the animal's habitat, anatomy and eating habits. Find out differences between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and how animals adapt to their surroundings.

  • Let's Take it Outside - Up Close and Personal with Nature #11

Winged Wonders

1.5 hrs, $6.00

Join in the wonders of bird watching at Fort William! Learn how to spot our feathered friends and what to look and listen for in identifying them. Examine a variety of feathers, start a birding notebook, and build a feeder to take home!

  • Let's Take it Outside - Up Close and Personal with Nature #7

To discuss program options or to book a program, call our Reservations Office at 807-473-2344 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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